I work making installations, paintings and embroidery on different media: cotton fabric, plaster plate, wood, canvas, tree leaves, earth, plants. I explore the possibilities of these materials, coupling my practice to their organic form.
While I work, I move forward without knowing where I´m heading. I don´t have a clear plan or a finished image in mind, just a few outlines, atmospheres, questions that float around and physical gestures that mutate in an accumulation of trials and errors.
In my works there are no definite answers; instead there are layers, textures of sense and countersense. Media marked with traces of an unfinished conversation that resembles a party, or a private rite, pierced by time, context and human bonding. I find artistic practice as the possibility to prepare the mind to explore an uncertain terrain, to think without thoughts or, more precisely, to address what lays ahead not only with the mind but with body and emotions as well. I conceive it as the capability to break the logic of established discourses, of calculation and speculation.
I try to take my personal account to a more abstract place where the narrative melts, broadening up to provide a clearer view. I believe that this in turn allows other stories to eventually be projected onto those images, in the hope that representation will be the means to remember and give shape to palpitating life.
I spend a lot of time outside my studio, dedicating my time to other activities such as cultural management, teaching, community projects, research in other fields such as astrology, religions, and currently psychology and family constellations.
When I go back to painting she receives me, renews me and sends me back to work with people.
The painting is a source…