catalina leon VERGEL
We are an NGO that, since 2010, has worked to build connections between art, health, and education.
Through artistic and training programs, as well as outreach and content development, we strive to place artistic practice at the service of wellbeing and health. We believe in and foster art as a tool for a holistic and humanized approach to health.

catalina leon LLUVIA
Lluvia, astrología impredictiva [Rain, Non-Predictive Astrology] is a project devised to rethink, through art, the traditional imaginaries of astrology and its practical use in daily life. It attempts to shift the individualistic and predictive use of astrology to envision the zodiac structure as a platform for thought capable of connecting the inner and outer worlds, the individual and the collective. Lluvia, unfolds in time in a series of site-specific actions.

catalina leon The project MEMBRANA: recipiente coral de la memoria [MEMBRANE: choral memory recipient]is envisioned as a way to generate connections around topics we believe key to the construction of new sensibilities of the body, emotion, the construction of knowledge, and relational social dynamics.