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Lluvia, astrología impredictiva (Rain, Non-Predictive Astrology) is a project devised to rethink, through art, the traditional imaginaries of astrology. It attempts to alter the individualistic and predictive use of astrology for daily life to envision instead the zodiac structure as a platform for thought capable of connecting the inner and outer worlds, the individual and the collective mind.

The project places emphasis on the zodiac as an imaginary structure which, through the twelve signs, describes processes that occur in nature and culture, in the collective and the private sphere. Astrology is seen as a holistic thinking system that enables a non-binary vision.

Lluvia was first presented at BienlaSur 2017.It later took an array of forms (exhibitions, workshops, the construction of an archive, astrological consultations, and the piece Un ZodiacoPosible (Obra en construcción) [A Possible Zodiac - work in progress] a zodiac to be explored in a sensory experience.

The installation was presented for the first time at Usina del Arte (Buenos Aires) in April 2019. Astrology workshops, embroidery rounds, guided tours, astrological chart readings, a library space, activities designed for specific audiences such as school children and older adults were organized in conjunction with the installation. Visitors were invited to leave suggestions about images that might be added to each sign.

It is unclear when the work will be completed insofar as it is configured by the material and places—as well as the specific timeframe where it is shown and by interaction with visitors. Once finished, this Possible Zodiac will also be used for workshops and different experiences related to astrology.

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