catalina leon vergel Lluvia, astrología impredictiva [Rain, Non-Predictive Astrology] is a project devised to rethink, through art, the traditional imaginaries of astrology and its practical use in daily life. It attempts to shift the individualistic and predictive use of astrology to envision the zodiac structure as a platform for thought capable of connecting the inner and outer worlds, the individual and the collective. Lluvia, unfolds in time in a series of site-specific actions.

Lluvia, astrología impredictiva unfolds in time in a series of site-specific actions. One of the goal is to build an installation of twelve spaces, each of them thought of as a landscape/state that evokes each one of the twelve signs of the zodiac. This place will be also used to make workshops and different experiences related with astrology.

On the way, the actions that make up Lluvia it adapts to the places and possibilities that arise. The recent actions of Lluvia, consist on: astrology workshops, individual astro- sessions, the collective construction of an archive to assign new images to the signs and the realization of a survey, that through an anonymous questionnaire, attempt to learn about people’s relationship to astrology.

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