Imaginal croos

Imaginal croos was an exhibition held at the Galería Daniel Abate
from March to June 2008.

It consisted of an installation of four pieces, Nido de hornero para
humanos, Hombre con rama en el cuello, Andrógino and Carta a M,
as well as, texts concerning each piece.

With Nido de hornero para humanos, I intended to build a nest by
imitating the construction methods of the hornero, Argentina’s
national bird. However, after three months of work, it was clear that
the mud would not dry without direct sunlight and so could not be finished.
To build it the artist had enlisted the help of builder Julio
Edgardo Alfonzo who, at the end of the process, and realising that
it would not be finished, decided to change the course of his
life and return to the town of his childhood.

The oil painting Hombre con rama en el cuello on wooden blinds is the
portrait of a man in a medical emergency programme. His story, written
in pencil, travelled along the wall of the gallery like a trail of
ants connecting the nest with the portrait that portrays the man
swamped by vegetation, but lucid at this critical moment.

Andrógino is a piece on the subject of breathing and the proximity
between two people. Lastly, Carta a M was a reply to a collector who
was hoping to buy the work before it was actually made, but on
the condition that it should be transportable.
Copies of the letter were offered to all visitors to the exhibition.