About the exhibition
Pintora de fin de semana (Sunday Painter) Solo exhibition 2023

Solo exhibition, at Ruth Benzacar Gallery that brings together paintings and embroideries made on different supports (cotton cloth, plasterboard, wood) among which there are also pieces to interact such as, Blessing of the river in which the embroidery can be submerged in water or Refuge, where quotes from the I'Ching can be chosen at random, as if they were fortune cookies.

The pieces were carried out between 2014 and 2022. “In the pieces there are parts that i made with an intention and other pars that are a trace, a loose brushstroke while I was on my way to do something else. Sometimes I see my work as the mark that a snail leaves when it passes; but even if I leave, I always return to painting as a refuge. As a floating space where vitality is renewed”