Turned into pearls your tears emerge from the sea

The first individual exhibition held at Galería Alberto Sendrós in 2004.

The exhibition occupied two rooms, one of which contained a series
of portraits, paintings on plaster and wood, embroideries, plants
and a small installation of dry trees. Embroidered fabrics concealed
the ceiling and the floor was covered in pieces of plaster rubble
on which painted images of art history converged with others reflecting
the day-to-day life of the artist amidst banana peel, biscuits,
mandarins and a pillow on which a recipient containing water rested
like a fountain awaiting coins.

Some days after the inauguration certain pieces of plaster rubble
disappeared from the installation.
Due to a disagreement with the gallery owner, the artist decided to
suspend the exhibition and brought it to a close by selling the rubble
by weight at a greengrocer’s on the street corner near her studio.